Hi, I’m Natasha Siemaszko, a Multidisciplinary




providing creative services and Organizing festivals such as La Fashion Film Festival, Berlin Student Film Festival, Design Jam and art exhibitions. Bringing collectives of people where they want to be and executing SUCCESSFUL events with them and for them.

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Web Design

Building websites for individual and corporate clients. From the concept thru strategy, branding and web design itself.



working on several social media campaigns. researching, creating the content and reaching out to Audience that is relevant.

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Product That Matters 

I designed and produced Multisensory Pouf for children with sensory DISORDERS.

project inspired by nature, having both aesthetic and sensory qualities. Two poufes serve a person with sensory disorders to better stimulate all 8 senses.



2D + 3D Art

creating 2D shapes and patterns, transforming them to 3d models, I can animate them, design an interior & a product.

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Furniture Design

creating concepts based on the deep ANALYSIS of customers needs. Design thinking is playing a big role in every aspect of my work.



Digital Graphics & Illustration

creating complex graphics both analog & digital.
Merging techniques and softwares to develop new styles.

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